Nan’s Nan, and the Pirates of Port Eynon

The epic Gower Peninsula Series continues with “Nan’s Nan, and the Pirates of Port Eynon”.  Book number three of this award winning series.

Kingsley, Gay and Melody meet a very mysterious mare that protects them in a storm and leads them to an ancient chest of artifacts that has been buried for centuries beneath the sand dunes near Pennard Castle.

Opening the lid of the chest reveals a number of rare artifacts from the time of the Celtic Clans In South and West Wales. But Gay has a special connection to these artifacts that no one could have imagined possible.

Kingsley Hill’s unique and descriptive style of writing allows the reader to experience the mystery, thrill and adventure as if living it themselves.

Another true classic! Written by the same author of “My Best Friend”, “Cave Days”, and “Gower Of The Hills”, Winner of 2019 Exeter City and Torbay Book Clubs Award for Best Mystery and Adventure Novel, and 2020, Best Adventure Series Award, Rhondda Valley Readers and Book Club Association.

King of the Castle Publishing
Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.