Cave Days

From the mysterious and breathtaking beauty of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, the first in all of Great Britain to be given the status “ area of outstanding natural beauty’’, comes the classic autobiography “ Cave days’’ by Kingsley Ross Hill.

A true passionate story about coming of age and survival; where a teenage boy’s life falls apart. Through a family of horses and a wild stallion he names Great Thunder! Kingsley loses a life and finds a new one, full of love, meaning and adventure.

Kingsley, an ex-pupil of Gowerton School, South Wales, gives an excellent historical and geographically accurate portrayal of the Gower Peninsula and area.

“Cave Days” will take the reader on a wonderfully unforgettable journey over lonely hills and singing streams through this Celtic land of ancient castles, romance and song.

Janais Hill
Director of publishing and senior editor.
King of the Castle Publishing.
Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

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