Gower of the Hills

Edit “Gower of the Hills”

From the breathtaking beauty of the Gower Peninsula, in South Wales. The land of the Setting Suns, comes “ Gower of the Hills’’, by Kingsley Ross Hill. The eagerly awaited sequel to “ Cave Days.’’

 A true passionate story about finding a lost love that spanned time and distance for over twenty years. Through a young girl on a beach, and an adventure with horses, Kingsley experiences a series of events, that lead him back to find “the love of his life.’’ “Gower of the Hills’’ is a powerful sequel, that is brilliantly written, and stands on its own as a “classic” story of mystery, romance, and adventure!

“Gower of the Hills” will take the reader on a wonderfully unforgettable journey over lonely hills and singing streams through this Celtic land of ancient castles, romance and song.

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