I’ll Meet You at Pennard Castle

While gardening in their backyard at their home in Pennard, a weathered envelope is found under a rose bush. The envelope has been lost for nearly 5 years, and its contents brings some startling news that will shake the very foundation of this happy family. 

Gay has been missing for 5 years now yet the family is still haunted by the past. As members of the family start having the same dreams of long lost Gay, Melody discovers a life changing gift inherited from her mother. A phantom horse and a portal to another time deepen the mystery as the family travels around South and West Wales searching for clues.

Visits to a Celtic Commune slowly reveal long awaited answers about the mystery of Gay’s disappearance and her connection to a Celtic Clan Queen named Taliath Saren. But who is this mysterious woman and what has she done with Gay?

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