Jerry the Magpie

Sometimes a special friend comes into our life to teach us things that we need to know, and what we learn ends up changing our life forever! What if that friend isn’t human, but a bird? A young Magpie to be precise. What then?

People called this friendship between a teenage boy and his magpie who he names Jerry, a very unusual friendship!

This is the true and passionate story of Jerry the Magpie, and how he helped a teenage boy overcome a gang of bullies, and to find secret treasure. The greatest gift that Jerry gave to the boy, however, was to help him find himself, and to have the courage to be himself in the face of tyranny and abuse. Jerry the Magpie is wonderfully written, wildly entertaining, hilariously funny, and full of fun and adventure. It appeals to a wide audience, and is destined to become a classic!

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