Gower of the Hills

From the mysterious and breathtaking beauty of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, the first in all of Great Britain to be given the status “area of outstanding natural beauty”, comes the award winning autobiography, “Gower Of The Hills” by Kingsley Ross Hill. The eagerly awaited sequel to, “Cave Days.’’

 A true passionate story about finding a lost love that spanned time and distance for over twenty years. Through a young girl on a beach, and an adventure with horses, Kingsley experiences a series of events, that lead him back to find “the love of his life.’’ “Gower Of The Hills’’ is a powerful sequel, that is brilliantly written, and stands on its own as a “classic” story of mystery, romance, and adventure!

Gower of the Hills_cover_Mar8

 Kingsley, an ex-pupil, and literary award winning student of Gowerton School, South Wales, gives an excellent historical and geographically accurate portrayal of the Gower Peninsula and area.

“Gower Of The Hills” will take the reader on a wonderfully unforgettable journey over lonely hills and singing streams through this Celtic land of ancient castles, romance and song.

A true classic! Written by the same author of “My Best Friend” and “Cave Days’’, winner of the 2017 Youth Adventure Award in the United Kingdom and Ireland, “Gower Of The Hills” will thrill a wide audience.