Who Was Taliath Saren?

The epic Gower Peninsula Series continues with book number 4, Who Was Taliath Saren?

The unthinkable happens when a family member goes missing! Gay has been reading the ancient diary  of the Celtic woman Taliath Saren, and she decides she want’s to meet her birth mother Armes, the leader of the Celtic Commune.

When Gay and her husband Kingsley visit the commune, they are treated as honoured guests. Then Armes invites Gay to take the Bard Training Program, and Gay is eager to do so.

Meanwhile, Kingsley’s Dad shares with Kingsley and Gay where he is in the translation of Taliaths diary. “Taliath is talking about a ghost or phantom horse that has been connected to her family lineage for over six hundred years,” he says. “Sometimes it appears as a normal horse, and at other times it becomes a strange phantom.”

And then he said something that related to Kingsley’s and Gay’s experience with Nan’s nan, the horse they would often see at Pennard Castle. “Taliath records that the mare communicates the events of the past to her clan, by leading them to buried artifacts. Maybe that is what happened Nan’s Nan leading you to find the buried chest,” he said, half joking. But it is not funny for Gay. She becomes nervous and pale, and excuses herself from the room.

“Gay is afraid of Nan’s Nan,” Kingsley explained. She is afraid of the strong connection that she has with the mare.